It is obvious that to create a unique and unrepeatable moment in intimacy with your partner, both parties must want. Many times you arrive tired from work and you abandon yourself in front of the television or the computer and you neglect your partner . Therefore, the most important thing is the desire, the will and the motivation.

It is necessary to protect yourself from monotony, from routine and reinvent yourself every day so as not to lose the desire and the fire with your partner. An impromptu massage can be a perfect tool for the beginning of an unforgettable night.

1. A massage with a special setting

As in all massage and spa centers , the environment where one receives a massage must be well chosen and cared for. Therefore, if you are not an expert in massages, you can take advantage to focus your partner’s attention on a perfect setting.

Correct lighting, warm and dim , will help set the scene. Also, try to get the light to come from several places and always use warm tones that transmit relaxation. A white light like those of office would break the objective that we pursue.

The flowers, especially the roses , also give off a vibration of intimate and special romanticism. And the final touch will be put by the music. Prepare an automatic reproduction with soft or impersonal music that will enhance your moment.

2. A gentle but intense massage

The intensity and speed that we use when giving the massage will determine the success of the moment. In an erotic massage we must relax and keep a smooth and unhurried rhythm. However, the style will be determined by the masseuse at all times according to the reactions of your partner, which will make each massage unique.

Also, remember the following:

Keep in mind that it is not only an erotic moment , it is also a massage, and therefore you must be aware that you are manipulating muscles, nerves and joints.

Better to use a comfortable and pleasant pressure that in no case produces pain or muscular tension.

3. A personalized erotic massage

Finally, there are areas of the body that, due to the stress of the day, are very pleasant to massage. So learn to discover the places that your partner likes the most and improvise the best possible massage, which is personalized. Pay attention to your breathing and stop in the places that you feel the most sensitivity.

An erotic massage is not just manipulating the genital area. There are parts of the body such as the head or feet that can provide great sensual pleasure. Do not forget that the most important thing is the attitude, dedication and care with which you go through each curve of the body of the person you love.