What are the benefits that Sensual massage brings to men and women?

Massage can bring numerous benefits, for both men and women, remembering that medical help should not be ruled out, because some dysfunctions are not always linked to the emotional or etheric, they can also be linked to the physiological.


With the practice of massage, at first the receiver will create body awareness, that is, he will enhance his pleasure by unlinking the idea of ​​pleasure focused on the genitalia and then starting to feel pleasure from the tip of the feet to the top of the head.

Therapy can help with some dysfunctions, such as premature ejaculation, difficulty sustaining an erection, or even those who have difficulty reaching orgasm, improves blood circulation, increases sexual desire and penile sensitivity thus making the man multi orgasmic.

For women it is also quite beneficial, it increases body and genital sensitivity.

In case of dysfunctions like Dyspareunia: Genital pain during the sexual act or even upheaval of excitation all this is transformed.

In general, Sensual massage helps human beings to be much happier and connected with their existence, if appropriate to themselves, leaving aside shyness and fear of facing their daily issues.

What is Sensual massage and what is it for?

The world of sex is surrounded by veiled issues, many of which are based on myths and others on truths. As a result, there is a huge range of possibilities that sex can provide, but that you are probably not enjoying. So I ask you: how much effort are you making every day to find out about sex, your body and new ways of feeling pleasure?

Probably not enough …

In the middle of all this is tantrism, a subject that is still little explored and most of the time approached in a shallow way, in addition to confusing the definitions of what is tantric sex.

Within this subject, we come to Sensual massage. What is it and what is it for? How to make? So, let’s start calmly so we don’t get lost in the middle of so many questions and answers. Come with me!

KNOWING Sensual massage

What are they? This is the first question to ask. But first, I would like to clarify that this is not a movie, people trying to earn their money or just for Orientals.

Sensual massage can be done by people like you who have had no stimulus from society to discover all the latent sensitivity that exists in your body.

Because Sensual massage consists of this: the sensitivity that each of us has in our body, on the skin, when we are touched in different ways, with different emotions and feelings of the most diverse. Sensual massage is like an opening of the senses for those who are “asleep” not only sexually, but for the senses as a whole.

We can say that this type of massage is a method used for the body to become sexually more active and sensitive without involving touching the genitals or penetration. Sensual massage meets other erogenous areas of the body that are not well explored.

From the neck, the thighs, the back, the legs, the hands, the abdomen, all these areas are suitable for those who want to feel more pleasure before and during sex.

APPLYING Sensual massage TO SEX

How to use this type of massage in relation to sex? Clearly, this is a massage that must be done before sexual intercourse itself. And, perhaps, later, to make both bodies feel renewed and with the libido at the point to start another session.

It is always good to use an appropriate oil or cream, even for the smell you have and also for the texture of the skin that is much softer and receptive to the touch, being something very exciting also for those who are applying the massage.

Remember that basic instinct that we camouflage: smell.

Then, using tantra techniques, focus on places like the neck, gently, without haste. The back is also a sensitive place. Try going down the neck from the back and making the person feel a challenging pleasure.

The apex happens in that part of the inside of the thighs, very sensitive and that will leave anyone almost out of control. Sensual massage, when done well, can generate an orgasm in the person who receives it. One no, more than one. Because our body is full of erogenous zones that, unfortunately, are not stimulated because of cultural factors.

We are a very sexually backward society yet. But, we can start to change that right now!

THE BENEFITS OF Sensual massage

This type of massage brings incredible benefits to people. First, the touches calculated by the body make blood circulation happen in a healthier way. This allows for more sensitivity, more fluidity and a sex that is much more pronounced. That is why it is so recommended to have a massage before sex.

Men who have a problem with erectile dysfunction receive immense help from Sensual massage, while women who cannot reach orgasm, when stimulated by massage, become susceptible to feeling great pleasure during sex.

Not to mention that the practice of massage makes the couple much more intimate, more knowledgeable about the details of their bodies. An intimacy that is added not only about the other’s body, but also about his own. How many people do you know who are not sure how to give themselves immense pleasure? Are you one of those?

We need to know our body more and more. Only then is it possible to break down this barrier that exists in the sexual field. Furthermore, when we are sexually satisfied, we reflect this to other areas of our life.