Adding erotic massage  to the couple’s routine can do real miracles for the marital relationship.

A lot of people think that doing an erotic massage involves years of practice and studies, but with a little dedication it is possible to learn some techniques that can help to make your partner extremely excited and warm up that relationship that has been a little discouraged lately.

Check out some tips and types of erotic massage that you can put into practice and improve your relationship once and for all.

How do you do an erotic massage?

Normally, erotic massage should always be performed with the body totally naked, so that whoever is receiving the massage can face more naturally and freely all the characteristics of their body.

This also makes those who are being massaged feel with higher self-esteem and self-confidence, improving their relationships in general.

What benefits can erotic massage bring to the body?

Erotic massage can bring several benefits that go far beyond sensuality, since the movements performed during the massage spread throughout the body of the person receiving the massage.

The techniques used can reach important points in the human body, which can cause feelings of relaxation and pleasure.

The simple stretching of the muscles during the massage already helps to reduce tension and leave the body much more relaxed.

Can this type of massage also benefit the couple?

For the couple who include erotic massage in their routine, the benefits go beyond physical issues related to muscles and tendons.

Erotic massage allows the couple to get to know each other and connect even more intimately, creating an even greater relationship of trust, which allows both to live the relationship more intensely and free from certain prejudices.

In addition, the self-confidence and self-esteem of those who give the massage and those who receive it also increase considerably, which reduces possible insecurities that may exist, drastically reducing problems resulting from excessive jealousy, for example.

Therefore, you can include erotic massage in your relationship without fear and enjoy all the benefits that this practice can provide for everyone.


Often couples look for ways to stimulate their partners and spice up their relationships and find erotic massage the best option to achieve these goals.

Various techniques can be applied for this purpose and, in all parts of the world, both Thai massage and Sensual massage are widely used.

If you want to improve your sexual relationship with your partner, but do not know where to start, learning these massage techniques can be extremely interesting and both can only win.