Relaxing massage has been shown to improve the function of the immune system and increase the production of endorphins and melatonin.

Surely we will all agree that a good massage can be a relaxing and very pleasant activity that, in addition, can be an almost immediate relief for all kinds of muscle pain, whether caused by traumatic injuries or by tension and stress.

However, as true as a good massage can be very beneficial for our health , a poorly performed massage can lead to unexpected injuries, so if you want to do a simple and relaxing massage safely, it is important to know how to do it. 

Benefits of relaxing massage

In a relaxing massage the tricks are in  the pressure is soft and the rhythm is slow and repetitive , producing an increase in heat in the area and relaxing the muscles almost immediately. This massage is indicated for people suffering from tension, anxiety or physical exhaustion as a result of which the fibers that make up the muscles have become tense.

We have already shown you how to do a very effective erotic massage for relationships and sex , now we are going to teach you how to make it relaxing. 

How to do a good relaxing massage

There are certain preconditions that can help enhance the effects of massage: 

As far as possible, the room should be quiet , with dim lighting and, if possible, indirect, and a suitable temperature. 

The place where the person to be massaged is going to be should be comfortable. 

Before starting the massage it is good to wash your hands and warm them up a bit, especially if we are in winter. 

In case you are going to use oils, it is advisable to use almond oil , whose smell is pleasant and that goes very well to add essences. The oil must be warm . The essences suitable for relieving muscular pain due to stress are basil, sage, ginger, juniper, marjoram, mint and rosemary, while those that promote mental relaxation and sleep are chamomile, marjoram, rose, lavender and jasmine. To fall asleep you can visit our article on how to sleep well .

Silence helps relaxation, it is one of the best tricks .

Relaxing back massage 

A practical and helpful option is to perform a back massage while the other person is sitting , either on a stool or on a cushion on the floor, with the masseuse kneeling behind her. 

Start at the base of the neck, applying just one finger on each hand, and slide it to the sides of the neck and shoulders with even pressure. Repeat the operation until you notice how the temperature of the area begins to increase. 

Slide your entire hand over the entire surface of the neck, since it is an area that tends to get quite tense.

Squeeze the taut muscles with your thumbs, placing your fingers over the knots, and with the other four fingers on your shoulders, make rotary movements to release muscle tension. The knots are usually located on the neck and on the shoulders. 

Apply pressure with all your fingers on both shoulder blades and make circular movements over the area. 

The spine is a delicate area, so to work on it, you must put your hand on the front of the shoulder and place the heel of the hand (the bony area that is attached to the wrist) in the area between the shoulder blades. Press while moving from side to side. 

Gently massage the clavicle as it can help relax the neck. 

Massage your arms, as the arms are closely related to the tension experienced in the shoulders and neck .

Start by putting your hands on your shoulders and slide them down applying gentle but intense pressure . Repeatedly rub your arms like that , from the shoulders to the elbow and vice versa.

If we prefer to do the massage with the lying massage, we can follow the same instructions and add enhancers such as oils and essences that, when sitting, would slide down the back and would be a hassle. 

Relaxing tired leg massage

The massage for tired legs usually has the main objective of activating circulation and we can give it to ourselves, although, if it is a matter of relaxing, having it done by someone else is much better. In any case, the best time of day to do it is in the afternoon , when the legs are loaded, and the ideal posture is with the legs extended and slightly raised above the body (place your feet on the armrest of the sofa or on a pillow is enough).

In the case of oil, olive oil with rosemary essence is recommended, which has anti-inflammatory properties .

The steps to follow are those: 

Place your hands around the ankles, make upward movements from the ankle to the knee, maintaining constant pressure. 

Always following an ascending line, spend several minutes exerting different levels of pressure on each area of ​​the leg . Make sure you run your hands all over your leg, moving them back and forth as well. 

Create an oscillating movement in the muscle, either by moving your feet up and down or by alternately pressing on various points so that the muscle tension disappears. 

To finish, soak a cloth in rosemary oil and place it on top of the leg for a few minutes. Then simply pat it dry with a towel or terry cloth.