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Have you heard of Oriental Sensual Massage ? By the way, what does that mean?

Oriental Massage is a technique that involves trust and security between masseur and client, where their bodies will be subjected to direct touches on a mattress.

First, a special gel is used, which is spread on your body in a different way. This massage is responsible for an instant relaxation stage with peaks of satisfaction never imagined by you. 

With Oriental Massage  you enter a new level of sexual stimulation.  

It is worth remembering that this method has no connection with Sensual massage. The function of massage is completely erotic and sexual. It is considered of great use by sex therapists to increase the sex life of couples who seek to spice up the relationship.

This massage is originally called Sensual, which is a word originated from the Japanese language, which means “slippery”.


There are some simple steps for a fascinating experience with   Oriental Massage. See below what you can do for a slippery, erotic and fun massage!

The first step is to prepare a suitable location.

For example, you can fill an air mattress and place it in an environment that has a temperature that remains pleasant for the duration of the massage session.

Or simply place a towel on top of a rug to perform your movements.

Once the mattress is in place, place a large bowl on the side. The bowl must be of a size where it is possible to insert both hands to manually apply the specific gel to the body of the person being massaged.

It can also be applied directly with the original packaging.

For a better sensation at the time of Oriental Massage , it is ideal that both partners take a hot and relaxing bath (preferably in a bath) beforehand.

A tip: before entering the bath, fill a container with hot water, insert the tube or bottle of Gel Sensual  and leave it for as long as you are in the bath. In that time you will have a gel at a pleasant temperature for application.

Make sure you create the lighting and atmosphere for the massage.

Some prefer to dim the lights to create an intimate and private environment, while others prefer to use bright lights.

There are also those who seek more romanticism and prepare the place with candles, rose petals and a suitable ambient sound for the moment.


The gel for this type of massage is called Noriplay and is formulated from algae extracted from the depths of the eastern seas that provide a slippery texture and skin nutrition at the same time, which makes it really very effective for massage. 

The gel  has a viscous consistency and is used in great abundance, allowing the masseuse to slide easily through the client’s body.

Its formulation is transparent, tasteless, non-greasy and deliciously slippery. It is perfect for a hand-to-hand massage as well as moisturizing the skin after a sensual massage session.

For those who enjoy performing – and receiving – massages, this is the most advanced and cost-effective product on the market.


This is a hand-to-hand massage full of sensuality performed between two people with an exclusive type of massage gel.

That incredible slippery sensation is what will increase the pleasure. 

When you both get out of the bath, make sure to stay wet. If they get wet they will feel better with the gel.

The massage therapist will immediately lie on a mattress (with a special sheet that accompanies the product), while the massage therapist will apply the heated gel directly from the Bowl (or original packaging) to the body of the massage therapist. 

Remember that this Gel does not stain mattresses, sheets or carpets.

The massage begins with the masseuse heating the cold gel on his hands before spreading it over the client’s body. 

Then the masseuse pours generous amounts of Gel Sensual all over the body of the massage receiver.

The masseuse slides his body along the other body, providing pleasure and relieving tension. Often, both parties change the roles of masseur and receiver of Massage to make the session really interesting and exciting!

The masseuse will now start playing with the massage gel, spilling it over your body. This is by far the sexiest step in the whole process – think as if it were sensual, slippery, private strip tease for your partner!

After the two are completely enveloped by the Massage Gel, whoever is on top, slides up and down on the other’s body. From then on, creativity will be everything in the fun world of Oriental Massage.