Relaxing massages with exotic, seasoned oils are a great request for relaxation, do you agree? But what if the massage has a hint of sensuality and sex? Certainly many people would love to receive a massage that touches our body in a way that relaxes and gives us pleasure, as we would only need to lie down on the stretcher and let ourselves be carried away by the relaxation and stimulation of sensual touches, letting the masseuse do her work, sexually stimulating your body with your sensual maneuvers, until we reach orgasm.

But for many there is a taboo when we talk about sensual massages, many confuse it with betrayal, many think that they will create a bond with the massage therapist …

So today we will address this topic:

Is an erotic massage a betrayal?

What are the benefits of sensual massage?

Is giving a sensual erotic massage considered treason?

This is an answer that depends a lot on the point of view of each person, when receiving a sensual massage, the person can even create a bond with the sensual massage therapist when receiving the massage, but in 99% of that contact it ends there at the end of the massage, and we also emphasize that in sensual massage there is hardly a sexual connotation, it is logical that many luxury escorts these days pass for masseuses causing the massage to end in a sexual relationship, which makes erotic massage associated with sex.

So what is erotic massage for?

Erotic massage acts directly on the person’s emotional, in addition to relaxing and fighting stress, sensual massage arouses sensations that the person has often never felt, and can act directly on diseases related to sex, as in the case of Sensual massage that seeks in its special touches to evidence its healing power, such as premature ejaculation, sexual impotence, frigidity, lack of libido, and even self-esteem.

Realize, that probably is not your case, but many people around the world suffer from traumas, suffer from problems with self esteem, feel ugly…. and for these reasons he has a bad sex life, and this is where the work of the masseuse and or sensual therapist comes in. This work consists of exploring the body of his clients in a pleasant way, knowing how to explore the special touches of each type of massage, these knowledge is not available to all massage therapists, as there is a study of the knowledge behind it all.

The masseuse gets Naked in an Erotic Massage

We put an image of a sensual massage below, to show you that sex does not have to be present in sensual massages, regardless of man or woman, the important thing is the touch and the experience of the massage therapist that will make you satisfied and totally relaxed with the massage, see.

If you walk with a heavy conscience, or are resigned to receive a sensual massage … Leave it alone, go ahead without weight in your conscience, and feel all the energy released by the body that only a sensual massage will provide you.