Each item helps to make the environment even more comfortable and exciting waiting for what will come. From there, it is hands on. Or rather: hands, feet, hair, breasts, mouth, tongue … In the so-called sensual, or erotic massage, different areas of the man’s and woman’s bodies touch, exchange energy and awaken to pleasure.

– Massage can serve as a preliminary to sex, or not. Through it, it is possible to discover erogenous zones in the partner’s body never imagined before. Few people know, for example, that the knee area is extremely exciting – taught body therapist Marili Stefany during the Rosa Choque Sunday, held this month at Casa Carlinhos de Jesus, in Botafogo, by the Feiti├žo Club.

Check out the expert tips

– The sexual organ is the last region to be touched. Because of such excitement, the man tends to advance the signal, disrupting the massage. Do not let. Even if you need to hold his hands.

– It is good that the massage receiver is naked. But whoever does it may be wearing underwear (and even high heels, to provoke).

– The touch cannot be hard, of course, but it must also not be too soft. Otherwise, instead of feeling stimulated, the partner will end up sleeping.

– Never pour massage oil directly on the other’s body. Put some in your hands and rub to warm up. Only then, slide on his skin.

– Start the massage with the other lying on his stomach. Put a little pressure on his shoulders and go down the back, in a lighter way (if you are chocked, use the tip of the heel to press, always stepping two fingers apart from the spine).

– With fingers and nails, make circular movements across the back, buttocks, thighs and calves, always from top to bottom and from the inside out. The feet are a separate chapter: press the plant and slide your fingers between his toes.

– Also use your breasts, hair and feet to touch his back and butt.

– During the massage, ask which regions he likes to be touched, in what way. Whispers in the ear and small nibbles on the ear and the back of the neck make the atmosphere even hotter.

– Turn it over. Slide a silk scarf or feather down his body. This will cause chills. Use the handkerchief to sell it and start stimulating the nipple and abdomen area with your mouth and tongue.

– Go down to the groin and scrotum, without touching the penis. In this region, the sensitivity is grade ten. Take it easy.

– When you have explored his whole body and realize that the two have reached the maximum degree of arousal, then yes, use your vulva to stimulate him and reach the penis, to reach the climax.