Tantra means to expand, manifest, show or present and this is what Sensual massage presupposes: unleashing blocked energy throughout the body and awakening Kundalini, a mythological energy that is at rest at the base of the spine and that, when released, allows healing and pleasure throughout the body. When applied in the sexual field, it is believed that Sensual massage allows the couple to unite in an ecstatic experience.

If you do not know how to practice, you can attend training on the subject or consult a specialist therapist who will teach you how to awaken the seven chakras, the so-called energy centers, along the body’s spine.

Undoubtedly, sexual arousal is a major emotional impact as a result of Sensual massage. Giving and receiving is intimate and performed only between lovers who are fully comfortable with each other.

BENEFITS OF Sensual massage

Like other forms of massage, Sensual massage can be very relaxing, helping to relieve physical pain, emotional fear and guilt. But it can also help people to become more satisfied and empowered personally. Check out the vast list of benefits.

1. Pain relief

Sensual massage can be the perfect therapy to help you heal tense muscles and relieve tension in various parts of the body.

2. Reduce stress

Sensual massage is very relaxing in nature. Each part of the session will take you to a state of relaxation, making it one of the best therapies to use when dealing with stress and depression .

3. Improves blood circulation

With the stress eliminated from your body, you will have a better ability to function optimally.

4. Removes headaches and migraines

Sensual massage is a holistic treatment performed on the entire body, treating it from the outside and inside, in such a way that headaches and migraines are among the many health problems that can be solved with a Sensual massage session.

5. Improves sexual drive and energy

Sensual massage is also very sensual due to the nature of its form of implementation. Among the many benefits that a Sensual massage session can enjoy, sexual desire and energy are improved.

6. Improves self-esteem

As a result, confidence and self-esteem will also be improved, leaving the person with an ability to see life more positively and with more energy.

7. Enhances orgasm

Although Sensual massage is a very sensual therapy, orgasm is not necessarily the main goal. However, the rituals incorporated into the Sensual massage session allow you to improve the quality of your orgasm and have an explosion of pleasure at the end of the session if you wish.


If you are curious about this practice, you can experiment with your partner. Stay tuned for tips.

1. Set the scene

Start with an open mind, open your heart and don’t judge. Lie on your back in a comfortable place with a pillow under your hips, your knees and your feet on the floor. Have your favorite massage oil close by.

2. Control your breathing

Breathing work is a key element in Sensual massage. Take deep, slow, audible breaths, which helps spread energy throughout your body.

3. Heating

While manual stimulation of the clitoris is a great meal for sexual intercourse, a body massage or massage in sensitive areas is a great warm-up for Sensual massage. The goal here is to relax and slowly develop arousal. Start with a little oil in the belly and massage gently.

The belly is an often overlooked area of ​​a woman’s body, but it has many nerve endings. Go to the rib cage, between the breasts and the lower abdomen. Once the body begins to respond, slowly rotate the breasts before circling the nipple, but do not touch them yet. When the body responds more, start teasing the nipples, alternating between circles, light and strong pinches.