Sensual massage is a technique that provides great relaxation and moments of very intense pleasure, brings to those who receive a great knowledge of the body and sexuality, provides orgasmic pulses, dry and ejaculatory orgasms, activates body bioelectricity among other benefits. Because it is a naturist massage, it is performed with the client naked on the futon, and the underwear therapist, thus allowing great exchange of body contact between client and therapist.

Tantric melee is a more interactive massage connecting client and therapist with soft touches and melee contact. Intends to release orgasmic energy and tensions with the therapist’s body contact and sliding with the client. It has a more exploratory character as the interaction goes beyond the hands and allows the body touch in a more open session, each session being different from the other, always seeking to meet the client’s demands.

This is a massage for those who like to exchange caresses during the massage and have more body interaction with a therapist.

Remembering that this does not mean that the client will do the Lingam | Yoni massage at the therapist. This is just a more sensual massage based on tantra with a more permissive concept so that the client can explore different possibilities during the session.

Before the session the environment is prepared and air conditioned to provide a deep relaxation.

We initiated a conversation with the client, in order to clear doubts and expectations, so it is possible to shape the conduction of the massage, meeting the client’s needs.

1- Moment of affection – First of all it is necessary to connect therapist and client so we start with a hug still standing so that one can feel the other, breathe together and have an affectionate moment of affection and cafune. In this way the customer lies down for the second stage.

2 – Relaxing Massage – Massage of medium intensity to relax the client and lead a pain relief and muscle tension that prepares the body to receive the lightest tantric touch.

3- Sensitive Massage – A lighter touch, followed by sensory stimuli traversing the entire body with your fingertips in detail, part by part, at this moment we awaken body bioelectricity and promote the encounter of your body with your emotions, awakening feelings and sensations distinct from pleasure. The therapist will also make slips with her body on the client causing very exciting sensations.

4- Lingam Massage (Intimate Massage) – Alternate maneuvers that cover the entire genital region in order to intensify the knowledge of this region and increase the forms of pleasure. It is common for the patient to experience various forms of orgasms at this level: dry, multiple, non-ejaculatory, uninterrupted spasms to an ejaculatory. Therefore, we bring tantric knowledge to the sessions in order to fully expand the way of feeling and receiving pleasure.