Do you want to surprise your boy this weekend? Relaxation plus sensuality … all in one. What do you think about the idea? If your sex life needs a boost, nothing better to get you in tune than enjoying sensual and erotic massages together that will make you live an unforgettable night and will leave you wanting to repeat.

You already know that you start with a massage and ends up in bed … If you don’t know how to seduce the person you care about, this may be a perfect excuse. On the other hand, if you already know your partner and incorporate it as part of the sexual game, the passion will increase.

Today we teach you how to give a good erotic massage to your partner, so that it is unforgettable. Do not hesitate, with a few brief tips you can surprise your partner with a session as exciting as it is relaxing , so keep reading and make the erotic massage the preliminary that will take you directly to seventh heaven. Follow our advice!

Preparation of the environment

Creating a pleasant atmosphere is essential. Before starting any massage, we must create a relaxing environment and surround ourselves with an intimate and sensual environment. Turn off the lights, light candles, fill the bathtub with water, decorate the room with roses, play background music … It is about being as good as possible to unleash the maximum passions. It is also ideal to perfume the space with salts and aromas, but without going overboard. You will reach total well-being!

Do not forget that the goal is to relax, but also to raise libido and rekindle the erotic potential of each and every part of the body. Therefore, the environment is very important, zero distractions. Disconnect the phone, use oils , candles or incense to help you create a special atmosphere, get rid of the watch and accessories, cut your nails … all these details will promote the effectiveness of your massage.

Essential massage oils!

Preparation is essential. We need the best products for the massage to be completely satisfactory. Buy some oils with aromas of roses, mint, vanilla, honey, or make very easy homemade blends with some ingredients that will surprise you and that can also be edible and aphrodisiacs.

Seduce in the best way before attacking. We can spread honey on our partner’s back, with cream on our breasts, with chocolate on the neck and buttocks. And all with hands, fingers, tongue and mouth … You will love it!

Choose oils that are somewhat fluid and greasy so that the hands slide wellthrough the skin. Opt for organic vegetable oils, avoiding chemicals. As for the smell, to your liking, the possibilities are endless: macadamia, red fruit, apricot, sweet almond …

You can also favor the atmosphere with a dimmer light or with relaxing music , with soft melodies, without voice. You can also bring your original touch to the massage, for example, with the use of feathers . Keep in mind that if you are going to use this type of soft materials, you should do it before applying the oil.

Essential tricks and how to start erotic massage

The first thing to keep in mind when performing a sensual massage is that your hands must remain in permanent and direct contact with your boy’s body. If you go for a while, however brief, without touching him, his muscles will quickly cool down, and probably something else will get cold too.

 You know, don’t stop touching him! In addition, we all have and know the erogenous zones of each one. Ask your partner about what they may like the most, because satisfaction will be full and thus you will enrich each other.

To provoke a high-voltage massage, you must caress each and every one of your partner’s body areas. The ideal is to combine movements on the most sexual erogenous points with caresses in other less active parts , sexually. That is, you should avoid going directly to the genitals at all costs. You will start by touching its less erogenous zones: hands, head, feet … without haste, but without pause, to end at its hottest point.

Normally, and if we are not very launched, we can start with a gentle massage on the neck with kisses that will serve to warm up the engines. It will relax us and release the tensions accumulated during the day. We will continue on the back, one of the erogenous zones preferred by many men, you can do it by rubbing the breasts. He will notice them and you will like them.

Smoothness is essential to ensure optimal results. Extending your fingertips from top to bottom or in the form of circles can unleash a world of pleasure never before experienced.

Hair is another area that arouses more interest. Do a full massage, but don’t let him fall asleep! It should relax, but the important thing is to get to raise the libido between the two.

Attention with the feet. For a large part of people, the feet are very erogenous parts and ideal to massage as you like. Suck them, you will surely love it.

If we jump, we will act directly on the buttocks with small massages with the fingertips . It is time to use some oil and pass the tongue while we kiss gently. If we massage each other at the same time, the passion will increase. But, yes, control your boy! Do not give in to your first heater , he will thank you. You know … the good thing is waiting. Go exciting him little by little , remember that to give a good erotic massage you must take your time. The more time you spend heating it up, the more amazing the end result will be.

Finally, keep in mind that your massage will be unique, so let your imagination run wild: combine caresses with kisses and pampering, change the pressure according to the reaction of your boy … he will love it!

A little imagination beyond the hands

When we talk about massages we are not just talking about doing them with your hands. Erotic massages involve kisses, caresses, the mouth and massages thanks to the tongue or other parts of the body. This considerably increases our sexual pleasure.

You can also use feathers, soft textures and even ice cubes to intensify passion. In the most intense sexual relations it takes a little imagination to be more original. For example, grab a pen to massage the areas they like the most, wet your breasts with cava while you drink it, use ice cubes to massage and leave it … literally frozen. 

We can also take the wax from the candles to spread the body and let yourself be advised by all kinds of sex toysFashion. You already know that massage warms up engines and is part of the sexual game for what will happen later.

The strong point of erotic massage

When you have massaged his hands, head, feet, legs, back, neck … you can go to his genitals . Investigate, ask, know his body … and if you already know, attack! You can use the oil and spread it from his pelvis to above the scrotum and penis. When starting the movements, you can apply more pressure to the base of the pelvis. It is very important that the amount of oil is sufficient, since these movements require lubrication .

There are different ways to massage your most exciting point: Holds his manly limb with one hand, sliding it up and down; while you place your other hand on the head of the penis, causing circular movements. In short, from top to bottom on the trunk and circular movements on the head. Another way to bring him to ecstasy is to make ten moves up and another ten down, then nine up and nine down, and so on until one is reached. 

Finally, it will burn with pleasure if you place your thumb and index finger in an “o” shape around his scrotum, moving it up and down. Meanwhile, you make the same movement with the other hand on his penis.

You are now ready to give her the erotic massage of her dreams! Remember, do not break contact with your body, start with the least exciting areas and then move on to the strong point, the rush is not good and do not underestimate the importance of a good setting.

Enjoying your partner in all facets is the best there is. Have a great time with full sex, be imaginative and give away all kinds of erotic and sexy massages that combine food with other simple techniques as we have already taught you. You will not regret!

Ways to give your partner an erotic massage

Erotic massage can be an essential part of the couple’s intimate moments. Also, it is a very relaxing and pleasant way to express our feelings and connect with the person we love.

Discover these 4 ways to give an erotic massage to your partner. Surprise her at the most unexpected moment with a special setting , aphrodisiac essential oils or caresses in her most erogenous areas. Massage is always a highly valued detail and a perfect gift at any time of the day.